Risk Process Management

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What your organization may not know

Under the OSHA law, employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace.

What your organization can do

Start contacting us for a free risk analysis. Average initial visit are a few hours and cover all the basics that an audit by an OSHA compliance officer will cover

Our Services

We can help your organization to create and maintain a safe work environment providing consultancy services to design the right processes and procedures.

The Process

To ensure that the procedures and processes are effective, Infinity Insurance Partners has designed a process to create organizational goals to lower the overall cost of risk.


  1. Free Assessment
  2. The average initial visit is a few hours and covers all the basics that an audit by an OSHA compliance officer will cover. And, it is completely FREE!


  3. Free Initial Report
  4. We provide your organization with a confidential report that assists the company in understanding the current level of risk.


  5. Direct Actions
  6. In the Free Report, we list all the opportunities that should be taken in order to lower the organizations overall cost of risk. We can design a program that caters to your companies needs and addresses all the actions necessary to maintain a safe work environment.


  7. Training
  8. Infinity Insurance Partners will provide your employees with the tools and insight to become a more safety conscious workforce. We train all the employees on the importance of following  processes and procedures., as well as equip a designated employee or business owner with the necessary skills and resources to act as the organizations Risk Process Manager.  Infinity Insurance Partners goal is to provide your organization with a program that eventually will become a part of the organizations culture. 


  9. Follow-up
  10. Each phase of the program will require follow up and guidance.  For most organizations change is difficult but with consistency and support from our Risk Process Managers the organization will see a positive change in their employees as well as the overall culture of the organization.